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Professional Service - Accessibility

OUR FIRM is committed to the “Universal Design” concept for facilities accessibility. Our architectural and urban projects are designed to ensure access to buildings and facilities for all people, including those with disabilities. Our expert ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) team offers detailed ADA facility surveys, plan reviews, training, expert witness and product consulting on a regular basis to public housing, and federal, state and local government clients. Our work with ADA has earned the firm a nationwide reputation as one of the leaders in the field of accessible design.

Recent Accessibility Consulting Services:



Valentina II Single-Family Housing Project

San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico



Accessibility review of a residential complex which receives federal subsidies from HUD’s HOME program and Low Income Housing Tax Credit, along with a state-sourced loan and deferred fee assistance.  It includes review of schematic designs and building site to ensure that both fully meet the scoping criteria of the following design standards:

1. 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design,  available at

2. 504’s Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards,  available at

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